How The Bright Angle Does Business

How The Bright Angle Does Business

What We Enjoy Doing

We enjoy designing for utility - considering the way these designs will be made. We enjoy problem solving. We enjoy a dynamic setting. We enjoy working together and collaborating. We enjoy pushing the envelope of what ceramic materials can do. We enjoy working with molds. We enjoy things that work well. We enjoy consistency in quality. We enjoy music, friends, and thoughtful critical conversations.

Creating things that people are excited about and fall in love with resonates with us. We believe in combating disposable culture and creating things with meaning that will never have to be replaced. We believe in form over surface and not having to dress something up.

What We DON'T Enjoy Doing

We don’t enjoy being stuck. We are impatient.😁 We don’t enjoy too many technical ceramic problems. We don’t enjoy having to commit to a single form. We don’t enjoy disharmony or inefficiency. We don’t enjoy getting lost in a sea of amateur pots. We don’t enjoy having to explain and constantly educate why our products are so good from material choice to utility. We don’t enjoy making undervalued work.

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