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Best Modern Commercial Lighting For Businesses

Best Modern Commercial Lighting For Businesses - The Bright Angle

Many businesses opt for cheaper quality lighting that works well within their budget, but it may cost them more money. 

If you want to find commercial lighting for your business, you can look into getting halogen, fluorescent, induction, LED, metal halide, and or incandescent lights. 

These may not work well with what your business needs and it’s ideal to review all these options before making a final decision. 

Whether you want to spruce up your business office or entire retail building, you can dive into these lighting options and explore them in great detail. 

What’s The Best Modern Lighting For Commercial Use? 

There are many modern lights you can place in your business, but using the right ones can save you time and money. 

1. Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent come in light bulbs that provide a warm lighting environment with different sizes, wattages, and voltages and aren’t as expensive as other lights on the market. You can easily replace these lights due to the low-cost price point. 

The lighting is not the most equipped light, since you need to replace the bulbs every so often. It isn't the most efficient lighting to incorporate for lighting your business. 

When you think about getting incandescent, know they are ideal for short-term usage until upgrading to a higher-quality light. 

2. Fluorescent

Fluorescent is a light that many business use within their building. They bring more energy efficiency and last longer than incandescent light bulbs. 

When using fluorescent lighting, they don't bring out true colors like other light types. You're going to need lighting that brings out true colors in distinct products like makeup, skincare, food, clothing, and others. 

They may also appear to dim over time when in frequent use. This can prove challenging since you may need to change the lights several times.

3. Halogen 

Halogen is shaped like light bulbs and is a good option for some since it's a little more energy efficient. It's great to use in a business as it produces less energy than incandescent light bulbs. 

However, the halogens are pricier than other lighting options on the market and run extremely hot when used. When halogens get hot, it's best to keep flammable objects away from the light bulb as it can cause a hazard. By being cautious with halogens, they may serve you well over time. 

4. Induction

Induction lights are a little higher quality than the other lighting options we discussed. These types of lights offer a longer energy output and can be used frequently. It's an energy-efficient light option, but like others, it has some cons. 

Induction lights require a lot of them to provide bright outputs since a single light doesn't produce a high output. They also have traces of mercury and produce radio frequency. This can influence electronics in a business building or an entire office. They are also very costly that can make a dent in your budget. 

5. Metal halide

Metal halide comes in lamps and offers higher-quality lighting. It doesn't cost as much as induction lights and they have an omnidirectional output. The light can target areas where it needs to focus on like paperwork. 

They require a great deal of time to warm up to produce a very bright light and won't be automatically bright when you turn it on. This can prove challenging if you're in a hurry and need a bright light immediately. 

6. LED

LED lights are a current go-to light for many businesses today. They offer a cost-friendly option over other lights and produce a high-quality output. When using LED, many can save on energy costs and avoid buying replacement lights. 

They are easy to use and incorporate in any room setting or entire building of your business. They last a long time and are energy efficient. 

At The Bright Angle, we have LED lights that can enhance the overall decor of an office and provide an energy-efficient light to commercial businesses. 

What’s An Efficient Lighting Design For Commercial Use? 

LED lights are an energy-efficient lighting design for commercial use and they're the most ideal in terms of cost. Their sleek and simple design goes great with any room or decorative area. They last a long time which allows you to avoid shopping for replacement lights. 

They’re very efficient since they give enough light output to brighten any area inside a building or office and it won’t take a lot of energy for it to brighten. They don’t require you to wait until it gets bright since it turns on automatically. 

What Is The Best Longest-Lasting Commercial Lighting? 

LED lighting is the best longest-lasting commercial lighting for those who use up hours of lighting each day in their business. 

They can last up to 14 years that’s longer than other light options and provide a quality investment for any business. They serve as a cost-friendly option for large businesses needing a lot of lights for everyday use. 

Can You Use Electric LED Lights For Commercial Use? 

Yes, you can use electric LED lights for commercial use, and is the most energy efficient. They are 80 times more efficient than other lights like halogens or incandescents. 

They are a long-lasting option for businesses that work long hours and need reliable lighting. 

How Long Does Electric LED Lighting Last? 

LED lights can last between 14 to 20 years using about 1,000 hours to 100,000 thousand hours. Quality electric LED lights can retain the long-lasting brightness and durability that prohibits you from replacing them over a long period. 

Business offices can also benefit from various LED lighting types. There are some lights with a sleek modern design to elevate entire rooms with stylish light decor. 

Many homes are using LED lights due to the myriad of benefits they provide to brighten up a room or entire kitchen. 

At The Bright Angle, we pride ourselves in crafting quality-made ceramic LED lights for everyday usage in commercial and residential areas. 

We have a selection of lighting products for commercial businesses like offices and lounge areas. If you’re wanting to elevate your business office with a simple lamp or hanging light, we have a well-made LED light to brighten up your space. 

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