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The Bright Angle is a premiere ceramic design studio in Asheville, NC. We love to take on custom projects with clients that are looking to refine their practice or solve problems with materials, scaling through molds, and tooling.

The Bright Angle has provided services for dozens of clients. We are invested in our clients projects from start to end. We guarantee our services so the projects are executed to make our clients lives easier so they can get some relief from problem solving. Let us help you solve your problems.

Mold Making

Need to scale your ceramic production? Want to make your studio life easier with molds for precision? Do you need molds so you have employees help with production so you can focus on other parts of your business?

We offer mold making services for clients who need tools for reproduction with precision. We pride ourselves on our quality mold making services. We make molds from plaster, rubber, and other castable materials. Our molds are high quality, durable, with minimal seams. The molds can feature a number of keying systems for mold parts.

Custom Production

Are you behind on orders? Do you have a product that is in high demand that you want to scale?

The Bright Angle offers custom ceramic production services. We work with clients to help them scale production so they can keep up with demand. Our focus is on creating our clients products with an acute attention to detail. We establish efficient systems to reproduce your products at the highest quality.

Glaze and Clay Materials Engineering

Are you having trouble with your glazes or clay body? Are you looking for custom colored glazes or clay bodies?? Is your glaze crazing or crawling?

The Bright Angle Studio facility is equipped with a fully stocked ceramic materials testing lab. We can help you solve ceramic problems and develop new recipes. We use a very precise method of testing to make sure our clients get the results they are looking for.

Design Consulting

Did you get a big order and you wondering how you will ever complete it? Do you have an idea that you want to make but you don’t know the best way to make it? Are you looking to cut some steps out of your process?

The Bright Angle provides one on one consulting for clients that are working on projects that they are passionate about. We work to help solve problems in the design and production process and consider how to make the process as efficient as possible because your time is valuable.


Each ceramic light fixture is handcrafted in Asheville NC using porcelain. Known for centuries as “white gold,” porcelain is the most refined ceramics.

Our geometric pendant lights offer a contemporary aesthetic to your interior design. Ceramic pendant lighting adds ancient materials to a designer lifestyle.

We use porcelain for our ceramic lighting because it provides a soothing glow that comes alive when it is illuminated.

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