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Illuminating Innovation: The Abacus Light by The Bright Angle

Illuminating Innovation: The Abacus Light by The Bright Angle - The Bright Angle

Discover the fusion of ancient craft and modern innovation with The Bright Angle's latest masterpiece, the Abacus Light. Designed by the lighting pioneering minds of Richard Ancas and Nick Moen, this unique lighting solution not only promises to transform spaces with its warm, diffused glow but also marks a significant step forward in sustainable design and porcelain use in lighting.

The Genesis of the Abacus Light

The origin of the Abacus Light traces back to an initial sketch by lighting expert Richard Ancas, drawn on a simple napkin. Inspired by the captivating, ethereal qualities of translucent porcelain for lighting purposes, Ancas envisioned a unique suspended sculpture composed of porcelain beads, designed to serve as both an artistic statement and a source of decorative illumination. Nick Moen, the founder of The Bright Angle, together with his talented studio team, embarked on a journey of exploring how to bring this sketch to life. They delved into various modeling exercises, seeking innovative ways to harness porcelain's potential in lighting design. A central challenge emerged: devising a method to suspend and illuminate a substantial weight of porcelain. The collaborative effort to solve these design puzzles culminated in the creation of the Abacus Light, a piece that seamlessly blends the realms of art and functionality.

 Abacus Porcelain Lighting Sketch

Design Philosophy

The design ethos of the Abacus Light is rooted in the concept of creating a porcelain sculpture that not only glows with an innovative elegance but also exemplifies the use of premium materials like porcelain and brass. The guiding principle was to highlight the timeless beauty and vintage glow of translucent porcelain, complemented by the sophisticated warmth of brass accents. This approach aimed to marry the intrinsic elegance of these organic materials with a pioneering lighting technology, reflecting The Bright Angle's commitment to transforming lighting in space. The result is a testament to innovative design, blending traditional elegance with modern functionality to illuminate environments in a uniquely captivating way.

Innovative Production Process

The creation of the Abacus Light marries precision technology with artisanal skill, ensuring each component integrates flawlessly, including its low voltage LED housing. The Bright Angle embraces digital innovation by starting with detailed digital models, moving on to 3D printing prototypes from eco-friendly, bio-degradable plastic. This step establishes a rigorous model system, affirming exacting standards for each piece. Executed in the creative hub of Asheville, NC, this process underscores the meticulous attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship that distinguishes every Abacus Light as a benchmark of quality and artisanship.

 3D printing and ceramic mold making

The Role of Low Voltage Lighting in Porcelain Design

The Abacus Light pioneers a unique fusion of low voltage lighting and porcelain, creating a gentle, ambient illumination that accentuates the material's inherent translucency. This inventive application of technology not only elevates the porcelain's visual allure but also advances lighting design towards greater energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability at The Bright Angle

The Bright Angle's approach to sustainability is manifested in its efforts to combat throw-away culture with designs built to last, and the Abacus Light exemplifies how modern design harmonizes with eco-friendly practices. Emphasizing the integration of LEDs, hailed for their low energy consumption and long life, this fixture exemplifies a forward-thinking commitment to reducing environmental impact. The Abacus Light not only champions aesthetic innovation but also serves as a beacon for sustainable design, showcasing the studio's pledge towards energy efficiency and a greener future.

 Glowing Porcelain Sculpture

The Impact of the Abacus Light on Modern Lighting Design

The Abacus Light revolutionizes the realm of lighting design, redefining expectations of functionality, aesthetics, and eco-consciousness. It challenges traditional notions of ceramics, demonstrating the versatile potential of pottery in innovative applications. By introducing an array of shapes in translucent porcelain, the Abacus Light paves the way for future design directions, offering endless possibilities for creative expression. The Bright Angle emerges as a leader in porcelain lighting, setting a new benchmark for quality and ingenuity in the industry.

Single Abacus Light

Meet the Minds: Richard Ancas and Nick Moen

Richard Ancas and Nick Moen stand as the creative forces behind the Abacus Light. Ancas, a New York City-based lighting expert and designer, brings over a decade of experience to the forefront of lighting innovation, notably pioneering LED technology since its market inception in the early 21st century. His passion lies in exploring the evolving possibilities of lighting technologies. Nick Moen, on the other hand, is a ceramic designer and the visionary founder of The Bright Angle, driven by a fascination with the interplay of light within our environments. Moen is dedicated to harnessing technology to advance the traditional craft of porcelain. Together, their collaboration was sparked by the principles of ancient mathematics and a shared belief in redefining lighting as an unconventional, transformative element in both form and function.


The Abacus Light by The Bright Angle represents not just a leap in lighting design but a harmonious blend of history, innovation, and sustainable practice. Through the collaboration between Richard Ancas and Nick Moen, this masterpiece transcends traditional lighting to become a beacon of artistic expression and environmental consciousness. It stands as a testament to the potential of combining age-old materials with modern technology to create something truly groundbreaking. We invite you to explore the Abacus Light further and experience firsthand the transformative power of this unique lighting solution. Discover how it can illuminate your spaces with its warm, diffused glow and elevate your environment with its unparalleled design. For more information and to view this remarkable piece, please visit  the product page.