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The Power of Objects

The Power of Objects - The Bright Angle

If you had to leave your home and could only bring one item, what would it be?

I asked one friend this question and they answered: a watch box filled with her grandmother’s treasures, flower cards from her husband, school pictures of her children, letters from friends, all of her drivers licenses; all the small objects showing snapshots from her life. Another friend describes a hand hewn axe that he inherited, because it reminds him of a simpler time. Or maybe his bike, because he could not imagine a Saturday without riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

For me, it is a fettling knife. One of my greatest mentors, John Gill, took me to the hardware store where we bought it together. Afterwards, he taught me how to sharpen it and reshape the handle to fit my hand perfectly. I love everything about it: the size, the shape of the handle, the curve of the knife. It is what I cut everything in the studio with. I believe that good objects should be useful, whether it is in storing things, in making things, in lighting a room.

Adornments for walls- adornments for humans find their usefulness in becoming tools for creating identity and individuality. Defining character and feeling confident about how you define your taste.