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The Plated Box Collaboration with Bespoke Post: Introducing the Serving Platter

The Plated Box Collaboration with Bespoke Post: Introducing the Serving Platter - The Bright Angle


The Plated box is a collaboration between Bright Angle and Bespoke Post. We wanted to create a collection of home goods that would stand out at a dinner party but also be used everyday. The Serving Platter was a collaborative design based off of the Bright Angle Nesting Bowl Set. It was designed to be able to show off food presentation. It can be used to present a roast, take delicious food off of the grill, or even put in the oven for a hot dish.

We paired our salt cellar with the serving platter because it is the perfect ramekin to compliment the food being served in the platter. It can also be used everyday to hold salt that you can pinch out and add to your favorite dish. These examples of handmade pottery showcase the versatility of the ceramic vessel and how they can be included in your daily life. We added a towel to help keep your cooking and dining space as clean as can be.

You can even choose the Plated box ceramics in two colors. They come in both a stunning deep black and a rustic muted green.

We are so excited about this collaboration. Bespoke post is offering the Plated box exclusively on their website for $70 or $49 with a membership. Take advantage of this deal to get your once in a lifetime collaboration.


Is the platter oven safe?
Yes, the platter can go in the oven, however, not on broil. Also, avoid putting cold water on the hot platter, it will shock it.

Are the ceramics dishwasher safe?
Yes! You can put any Bright Angle ceramics in the dishwasher.

Will guest be impressed if I present my food in the Bright Angle serving platter?
We hope so. If they are not perhaps they don’t have as sophisticated taste as you.


serving tray

Serving Platter
(L) 14” x (W) 10” x (H) 2.5”
A custom-crafted serving plate made from porcelaneous stoneware, in a charcoal hue that goes with every table. The Bright Angle designed it for large-format dinners, salads, sides, and crudites, with its wide surface and raised geometric edges. It’s also completely dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Take it from us — a roasted bird looks amazing on this thing.

  • Custom shape designed for Bespoke Post
  • Porcelaneous stoneware
  • Care: Dishwasher-safe

Salt Cellar
(L) 3.75" x (W) 3.75" x (H) 2"
Made from the same rugged stoneware, this cellar might just be the last salt keeper you’ll ever need. The spherical interior makes pinching easy, and the faceted outside design won’t slide or scratch your table. Obviously, you can use it for dips and sauces too. Any table will feel like a more thoughtful space with one of these.
  • Porcelaneous stoneware construction
  • Care: dishwasher- and microwave-safe


kitchen towel
Kitchen Towel
(W)15” x (L)23”
A minimalist, all-purpose towel for cooking, serving, and quick cleanup. The Bright Angle wove it from 100% cotton, in a subtle windowpane pattern to go with the rest of your set. And when you’re done at the table, you can toss it right in the wash.

  • 100% cotton
Care: Machine-washable