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The Naming of The Bright Angle

The Naming of The Bright Angle - The Bright Angle

We were driving to Austin for a craft show. We’d been on the road for hours and hours. It was dark. Conversation had turned too contemplative and uncomfortable (digging into the dark recesses of our minds) while acknowledging the state of the world.

But we were toolmakers. Object makers. Installation artists and working together. Collaboration would be good for us - bringing complementary knowledge of our respective mediums.

On the I-10 we emerged from the darkness and lights began illuminating the road from the interstate median. Our eyes relaxed from straining to see. What do we call it? Our project together? Coming up with names is a great past time and can help give guidance substance and validity to an idea that seems important, even if you're not quite sure what that idea is. You can only begin to put your finger on it once you name it.

We wanted to work together. She was currently doing a lot of work in steel that yielded lots of acute angles, because of the rigid nature of the material and the processes she was using to work with it. I, on the other hand, was in love with plaster and porcelain. I was afraid of angles, but opening up to the idea of geometry. Only I’d been working with clay for a decade and fell in love with its malleability and its ability to sympathize with and record human gesture. It had a life and a spirit of its own. So she was exploring angles and I was exploring organic curves. Angle and curve?

We looked forward as we sailed through a southern city on the illuminated interstate. We were inspired. Our sentiments about being locked in a metal box for hours had melted away and we'd moved through the darkness into a well lit city housing thousands of humans just living their lives. The street lamps were guiding the way providing a bright path forward.

Always forward.

She looked up at a lamp that whizzed by - craning her neck and smiling with appreciation for whomever decided to put that there. “It's such a bright angle,” she said. I agreed, looking up at the next one as we passed it. I felt grateful, safe, oriented, and comfortable. She was right - they were bright angles. I wanted to share emanate that feeling of reassurance in design that gave me hope as we moved forward. Little did I know that within a few years I would have become obsessed, immersing myself completely in bright angles. But in that moment in time that was the bright angle - that first lamp.


So here is to the light in the middle of the interstate in the south guiding millions of folks ever forward.

I wanted everyone to have their own.

Bright Angle

To illuminate their life


Spread reassurance in an optimistic future