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Ten Kitchen Decor Must-haves for 2022

Ten Kitchen Decor Must-haves for 2022 - The Bright Angle

Kitchen Decor comes in a variety of styles, messages, colors, shapes, and utilitarian wares, where together they delivery your home's charm, your definition of what makes your kitchen inviting. Much depends on the items that are chosen for your kitchen decor, if they are on a shelf, hanging on a wall, or just placed on a countertop. Here we will cover the ten must-haves for your kitchen, especially focused on ceramic products and highlights of porcelain wares.

1. Spoon rest: These iconic items for the kitchen can range from silicon-based shapes to glazed stoneware pieces. When handling handmade porcelain, the ability to keep it clean and sanitary given the usual abuse of the various dirty spoons being "rested" on it gives it the ideal material to rinse, clean, and place back in its spot. Ours is octagonal in shape, with a dimple for the stem of the spoon to rest comfortably.


2. Bowl set: Placing your fruits into a bowl, serving a salad, having hot popcorn ready to serve for a movie night, or just a mixing bowl when cooking - a bowl set can be a great kitchen decor item. With many styles and materials available today, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, or our high-end porcelain all have their application and advantages. A bowl that can handle high temperatures, that is made of one of the hardest substances that is scratch resistant and a beautiful clear enamel for ease of cleaning - porcelain is worth considering. TheBrightAngle bowl set is a set of 3 bowls that have a soft polygon edge (12 sides) of different sizes of small, medium, and large all that can nest in each other.

bowl set


3. Oil Dispenser: Oil is used in cooking all the time, and making your oil handy to dispense requires a receptacle that can handle oil and reduce its decay due to light and the environment. True porcelain is a material that delivers an opaque with some translucency when it comes to an oil bottle - with impermeable properties that make it easy to clean out, just like glass. This is our iconic product and comes with a handy spout. The reviews speak for themselves on how well it fits our customers' kitchens.


elixir porcelain olive oil dispenser


4. Flower vase: Why not decorate your kitchen with some flowers, having a nice natural touch always can invite a smile. Some may opt for a terracotta pot or flower pot for pottery on their window sill. If you like a clean look, and easy maintenance a classical porcelain flower vase can have an elegant look in your kitchen decor with a touch of a farmhouse style. Following the octagon-themed shapes, this vase offered in various colors and glaze styles can stand out on your kitchen island.

flower vase


5. Utensils Crock holder: You might have an opportunity for a couple of these in the kitchen - one can be dish brushes and scrubbers, another being cooking utensils. Making these easy to clean by being earthenware or other types of porcelain will make the job easier for maintenance and ease of use. When ceramics are glazed, the ceramic coatings get vitrified, making them easy clean.

porcelain utensil crock holder


6. Salt cellar: Why not accessorize your kitchen decor with a salt cellar, especially if you match it with your other cookware sets? When cooking, getting that pinch of salt makes it easy, or can use it for the other spices your might be cooking with. Additionally, you can use them as receptacles for dipping - like with chips and salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese dips.

porcelain salt cellar


7. Wine cup: Why not pour yourself a chilled glass while you cook, a porcelain cup will retain its fresh temperature as a ceramic have good insulating properties. These are stylish and can match your kitchen decor when having guests over, or just want to curl up on the couch and Netflix and Chill.

porcelain stemless wine cup


8. Coffee cup: It is natural to handle your coffee in a porcelain cup, not just for its cleaning properties, but the ability to handle rapidly changing temperatures as you pour hot water into your cup. Great for teas and hot chocolates too, porcelain is your best hot cup of comfort to enjoy from.


9. Pint glass: If you aren't the wine type, but more of the fresh brew - the pint glass is a great complimentary addition to the kitchen decor. For the same reasons as placing your beer into a pint glass made of porcelain, the thermal properties will keep it cooler for longer. Not just used for fresh brews, but also doubles up as a larger receptacle for teas or even a milkshakes.


10. Overhead lighting: As the ultimate kitchen decor to compliment your other porcelain items, white porcelain being semi-translucent gives a light shade direct counter lighting, while giving this nice warm glow as ambient light. They are suitable for kitchen islands, and above-counter lighting. If you are aiming for the full kitchen decor coordinated look between your various kitchen wares, indulging in lighting will be an amazing touch to your kitchen.

porcelain pendant light


Summary: While there are different types of porcelain for decorative purposes, we look at the more practical side of kitchen decor, which is easy to clean, durable, and use its thermal properties to deliver the desired experience. Whether served hot or cold or just used as a container, porcelain has been a kitchen decor icon for several hundred years and will continue to be a favorite. We invite you to review our wonderful kitchen decor wares, with our classical shapes, colors, and glazings.