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Staff Gift Picks

Staff Gift Picks - The Bright Angle


This week, we sat down with our team and talked about our favorite pieces to gift others for birthdays, special occasions and, of course, Christmas. These favored items come straight from the horse's mouth - from the people who know our inventory the best.  



Alyssa Ruberto

The Doubleshot Espresso cups really stood out to me every since I started working at TBA. I come from an Italian background and my family tends to drink espresso made in Bialetti Moka pots in place of American coffee. I know a lot of them still put their little coffees in big cups, which feels awkward, so I want to gift them some of these. I really like the Smoke Grey because it feels calm and moody, which I’m all about!

Dan Ayers

The Monday Mug is classic. It is sturdy, it won’t spill and it has such a comfortable handle. 


Nick Listo

I chose the Bloom Vase in Ink. I like the Ink glaze because it’s the most metal glaze we have. When I’m not working with clay, I’m usually gardening and this summer I look forward to filling one of these bad boys with perennials.

Tyler Anderson

The Soup Bowl is one of the pieces I had a hand in designing last year. I use this bowl more than any other piece of pottery in my own home. It’s the ideal shape and size for a good soup or stir fry. Bonus: the oval shape makes it ideal for one-handed cereal eating when necessary.


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Laurie Caffery

The Pinch Jar is my favorite piece right now. They are so versatile and unique so they make a great gift. I’ve seen people use them for bath salts with lavender, cinnamon, salt, spices and sugar. I’m a salt fiend and love to be able to sprinkle himalayan sea salt pretty liberally, so mine lives on my dining room table.


Allison Cochran

I’m gifting the Elixir Bottle in Silk White this year. Not many people make these in ceramics, so I think they are really special. Our matte Silk White glaze is my absolute favorite because it’s so soft to the touch and can fit in anywhere. The Elixir Bottle also fits in your hand so comfortably, perfect for cooking with EVOO.


Nick Moen

Nesting Bowl! I’m partially so excited because this is one of our newer releases, but mostly because it’s one of the few bowls I have that I can successfully make pizza dough in. Throwing pizza parties is my favorite thing to do.