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The Adrienne Eliades Collection with The Bright Angle

The Adrienne Eliades Collection with The Bright Angle - The Bright Angle

These limited edition collaborations between The Bright Angle and Adrienne Eliades will be available February 24 in our web shop! They are now listed on our website to preview. In the meantime, we wanted to tell you a little more about this collection. 

The Bright Angle Collaboration with Adrienne Eliades

Our design resident Adrienne Eliades came to us from Portland, Oregon. Upon completing her B.A. in Studio Art with Honors from the University of North Carolina she pursued the continuation of her art practice while traveling throughout the country. Her work has been on exhibit nationally and locally. She received her MFA in Ceramics from the University of Florida in May 2016 and currently is a studio potter and teacher at Portland Community College.

Adrienne was in the studio with us for a few weeks to create this exclusive collaborative collection. Her keen eye for pattern and skill with ceramics is evident in her beautiful work! 

Adrienne Eliades collaboration with The Bright Angle in Asheville, NC.

The stencils that Adrienne Eliades used in our studio were made using our Cricut cutting machine. It takes some time to remove the stencils from the sticky cutting mat. Once removing the pattern from the mat, she applies it so that it is tight on the surface of the clay. Adrienne applies several coats of underglaze to the surface before removing the stencils. This allows for a thick and precise line.

Other techniques Adrienne used in our studios involved stamps, colored slips slip inlay and detailed and precise glaze application.