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Our Kickstarter!

Our Kickstarter!

We are launching our brand by releasing the first collaborative line of handmade goods on Kickstarter. It took a year to build the whole studio and get the new collection designed. We couldn’t be more excited about what we’ve created so far. Our campaign ends on June 3rd, check us out on our Kickstarter here:

Most of the prototypes were 3D printed and then samples were made out of porcelain in the studio. The focus wasn’t on just one design instead, we designed a whole lifestyle collection that we plan to expand. The Bright Angle team is working on different solutions to drinking coffee in style, burning candles elegantly and lighting spaces that feel good. 


We need your help to put TBA one, our first collection from The Bright Angle, into production. By pre-selling our collection we will be able to gauge which items you really love so we know how to prepare to make them for you. By funding our campaign on Kickstarter you will help us to continue to support our team, create our products thoughtfully, and carefully consider packaging. Last, we will use the funding to pay to collaborate with other artists moving forward - this is our most exciting venture what we dream the future of The Bright Angle to be.


This first collection is a collaboration between the Bright Angle team and local artists of various mediums throughout Asheville. Every step of the design process asks: How will this product be produced? How well will these work in our lives - how do we make them work better?

We design things that are meant to be used. These designs are executed by hand using the highest quality materials. A lot of companies have it backwards. You don’t design something and then try to figure out how to make it, you make something and figure out how to design it to be made again. We stand by our trust in process. 

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