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Love Notes and Collaborations

Love Notes and Collaborations - The Bright Angle

Collaboration is an important part of the work we do at The Bright Angle.

We believe that by working together we can achieve more and love to work with other local makers who have similar philosophies as we do when it comes to the art of craft. 

In the summer of 2017, we approached former Asheville letterpress company 7 Ton Press about printing custom stationery for us. 7 Ton Press was also the graphic design team we used for our logo and initial branding. When designing the logo they added a small angle to accent the typography. We decided it would be great to have 7 Ton design a pattern using this accent angle. 


Handmade Cards from The Bright Angle and 7 Ton Press


We went through a number of designs, but landed on a simple layout of angles in a grid. At this point it was time to set up the tools to do a production run of the cards. In order to reproduce that pattern to be printed on the press, a plate had to be created with the pattern.

I watched Elle hand feed each card through the press with ease.  The printing process with the press is incredibly methodical. The plate gets inked and then transfers the ink to the paper. It ends up looking like a dance of paper moving and capturing the image while the press cranks away. We chose to slowly blend the color during the print run to create an edition that had a gradient. The inks are mixed by hand so they achieve the perfect color.

Everyone likes to receive a handwritten message. What better thing to include with a handmade gift?

We believe in creating tangible things you can have and hold, and we love to share stories of creation.


Handmade Cards from The Bright Angle and 7 Ton Co

Letterpress from The Bright Angle

Handmade Cards from The Bright Angle and 7 Ton Co

Handmade Cards from The Bright Angle