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How Porcelain Ceramics Greet You When You Get Home From Work

How Porcelain Ceramics Greet You When You Get Home From Work - The Bright Angle

Porcelain ceramics add a touch of luxury and style to any home, here at The Bright Angle we design and create mugs for coffee, vases for flowers, tableware for food, and planters for plants. We are sure you will find something stylish for your home.

Arriving home

You walk inside your home, and you usually begin a routine of putting down you bag, your coat, your keys, and look for your stop past the entrance depending on how your trip went, and what your needs might be. There is commonality in people's habits, and people rely on finding their important items by placing them in habitual locations. Like your keys for example.

catchall tray

+ Catchall Porcelain Tray - This is a very versatile item, you have just got home from work, the first thing you do is place your house keys/car keys down, then hunt everywhere for them in the morning. Place the Catchall Tray in the hallway, on a stand, convenient to drop your keys when you come home, and you don’t have to search for them when you are ready to leave again.

This is a good place for loose change, there is nothing worse than scrambling around for some coins before a trip to the store. A Catchall tray can be made of pottery, stoneware, terracotta for a farmhouse look, but porcelain with an enamel will give you the durability you seek when it comes to sharp objects going in and out of it.

Still, have some work to complete at home? The tray is great for small office supplies, to keep your work area clutter-free, but supplies close to hand. Unwinding after a long day? The Catchall Tray can be used for candies or mints, lovely to nibble on while watching television, or reading a good book. Then comes the urge of a satisfying hot drink to go with the mood.

Chilling with a hot drink

In cooler temperature environments, a hot drink makes the arrival at home that much more inviting. It takes a moment to make your favorite brew, muscle memory takes over in making it, giving you some cycles to wind down. 

porcelain travel mug

+ 16oz Porcelain Travel Mug - This stylish item comes with a spill-proof lid and a handmade leather koozie, when you get home from work you are tired and you may still have more work to do, you can use your travel mug at home as well as work, you have things to do when you get in, you make a coffee/tea, get distracted, and your drink is cold. Using the travel mug makes your drink stay hot, so sip, put it down, and when you come back to it, you can still enjoy a hot drink.

monday mug

+ Monday Mug - this handmade porcelain coffee mug holds 12oz, it is also microwave and dishwasher-safe. Perfect to enjoy your coffee before work, or winding down after work.

porcelain espresso cup

+ Handmade Porcelain Double Shot Espresso Cup - need to get going on a new day? This cup is the best way to enjoy coffee at home before the long workday starts.

Home cooking

In the kitchen with porcelain ceramics. There are many porcelain items that will not only enhance your kitchen, but help you too, it is delicate, elegant, and translucent, but it also boasts high durability and is nearly impermeable, and it is so easy to clean.

elixir porcelain bottle

+ Elixir Porcelain Olive Oil Dispenser - holds 24 fl/oz, is handmade from porcelain, and dishwasher safe. Our best-selling product, made The Bright Angel a household name. Use to pour oil without making a mess.

porcelain mixing bowl set

+ Porcelain Mixing and Nesting Bowl Set, in Large, Medium, and Small, they are a delightful oval-shaped, space-saving stacking bowl set.

The small bowl could be used for dips and sauces

The medium bowl could be used for berries or cut fruit

The large bowl could be used for serving pasta, mixing salads, as a fruit bowl, or so many other options, great for a dinner party, BBQ, or just everyday use in your kitchen.

porcelain salt cellar

+ Porcelain Salt Cellar - for the perfect pinch of seasoning, within an arm's length, 2” deep, dishwasher and microwave safe.

The wine alternative

After a busy working day, or at a party, or preparing a meal, would you like a glass of wine?

translucent wine glass

+ Translucent Porcelain Wine Glass - experience the joy of drinking from a translucent, porcelain wine cup. Made from porcelain so refined it glows. The cup holds 14oz and is microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Home Decor

Flowers finish off a look to a room, so whether it's a bouquet of flowers or a house plant, The Bright Angle has something for you.

porcelain bouquet vase

+ Hand Made Porcelain Bouquet Vase - our largest vase, for your favorite flowers, dishwasher and microwave safe.

taigan porcelain vase

+ Taiga Porcelain Planter Collection, by The Bright Angle - includes a series of modern, geometric planters with trays. Suitable for medium size house plants, 1 1/2” drainage hole in the bottom of the planter, to prevent overwatering. The planter floats above the tray, to leave ample room for the water to drain into the tray. ** Limited Inventory, but made to order, Please allow 7-14 days from made, to order items **

Surrounding ourselves with handmade ceramics to fit our style, the home decor that invites you in to unwind from work or a busy day outdoors. Porcelain being a high-end ceramic gives you the longevity, key durability and functionality for the various areas of your home. We hope you find the comfort in our amazing products, and give in to the porcelain lifestyle - we know you will love it!