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Cylindrical Pillar Hanging Pendant The Bright Angle
Cylindrical Pillar Hanging Pendant The Bright Angle
Cylindrical Pillar Hanging Pendant The Bright Angle
Cylindrical Pillar Hanging Pendant The Bright Angle

Pillar Hanging Porcelain Pendant Light

    Uncover the allure of the Cylindrical Pillar Hanging Pendant from The Bright Angle, where expertly crafted porcelain converges with sleek modern design. Ideal for modern farmhouse styles, this pendant light elevates the ambiance of any setting, from kitchens to workspaces, with its polished and sophisticated appearance. This ceramic lamp is dimmable, allowing for versatile lighting adjustments to match the mood of any occasion. Enhance your interior by coordinating multiple pendants for a dramatic, eye-catching display.


Expert Craftsmanship: At The Bright Angle, we pride ourselves on crafting exceptional porcelain pieces. The Pillar Hanging Pendant exemplifies this, with its handcrafted quality that outshines traditional materials like terracotta and stoneware.

Elegant Modern Design: The Cylindrical Pillar Hanging Pendant is designed to elevate any space, from home environments like kitchens and living rooms to professional areas such as cafes and offices. Its sleek design seamlessly fits with contemporary decor.

Warm, Ambient Lighting: Made from high-quality ceramic, this pendant light produces a comforting, warm glow via an Edison bulb. The lighting creates a retro ambiance, ideal for enhancing the mood of any setting.

Dimmable Versatility: This pendant features a dimmable option, allowing for flexible lighting adjustments to match the energy of bustling parties or calm, cozy nights.

Striking Statement Piece: The Cylindrical Pillar Hanging Pendant is not only functional but also a significant decorative element. Grouping several pendants can transform any area into a visually striking space.

Durable Quality: Focused on both beauty and durability, this pendant light is a wise addition to any interior, promising long-lasting quality and style.


    The Bright Angle is dedicated to introducing exquisite porcelain lighting fixtures into a wide range of environments. We challenge conventional design norms, opting for unconventional shapes and crafting each luxury piece with meticulous attention in our Asheville, North Carolina studio. Our artisans meticulously select top-quality materials resulting in the creation of elegant, durable porcelain lighting.

    With over two decades of experience The Bright Angle studio combines modern minimalist aesthetics, artistic expression, and functionality in our porcelain creations. Investing countless hours in the planning, experimentation, and fine-tuning of each product within our workshop. At The Bright Angle, we pride ourselves on employing cutting-edge crafting techniques, translating initial pen and paper sketches into 3D printed models. These models lay the foundation for the flawless, high-end luminescent porcelain designs that distinguish our studio.

    Our unwavering dedication to quality and environmental sustainability drives our passion for reimagining how our lighting contributes to the creation of warmer, more comfortable spaces.


Our lighting will last at least five years, guaranteed


Work with our designs to create your own custom lighting


Feel free to let us know if you have any questions anytime


Our lighting is made from the most pure and refined porcelain




New York

"We love our Bright Angle lights. The porcelain they use has unmatched diffusion that is warm and comforting in our kitchen. We can't wait to install more lighting in our entryway!"



North Carolina

"The Bright Angle was great to work with. Their knowledge of porcelain was inspiring and we look forward to continuing to develop more lghting products with them"



New York

"We used Bright Angle's Abacus light in our office lobby and love the look. The porcelain has such a unique glow and it gets a lot of great comments from guests visiting our office. We are excited to have such a unique peice of art in our lobby!"




"It is really exciting to see our designs come to life in porcelain. We got really good design support as we were working on our chandelier for a client. We can't wait to spec this porcelain lighting for another project."

    What kind of light does this porcelain light fixture have?
    The Pillar Pendant uses a Dimmable T10 Edison Led Tubular Bulb 3000K Soft White,6W Vintage Led Filament Tube Bulb (60W Equivalent) 600lm, E26 Base Lamp Bulb
    What type of electrical plug does this light fixture use?
    This is wired for Standard North American 110-120V systems with custom electrical available upon request.
    What is included with the purchase of this fixture?
    The Pillar Pendant Light comes with a 15’ Fabric CordWire with a switch available in black or white custom cording, ⅜” tubing in black steel or brass with custom configurations upon request. The hanging hardware includes a swag hook, a mounting canopy with a cord grip for ceiling mounting and hardwiring. Single port, three port, and five port mounts are available in black, white, or brass with a steel spacer for clusters with cords available in black or white with customizable spacing upon request.
    What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic lights?
    Porcelain is a subset of ceramics however its material composition is very fine and fired at high temperatures. This not only increases the translucency but also creates a more durable fixture than traditional stoneware ceramics.
    How do you clean translucent porcelain fixtures?
    Gently clean the porcelain items with a soft, damp cloth. For other materials included please inquire as it may vary
    What is the typical shipping window?
    We ask for 6-8 weeks to carefully create your handmade fixtures.