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The Monday Mug

Your new favorite unique, handmade mug by The Bright Angle

Handcrafted Home

We want to share the joys of using things made by hand. We love to give gifts. We want to make things to be collected and cared for. We want you to feel comfortable and content, productive and fulfilled.


We're a collaborative ceramic design studio located in Asheville, NC. We work in small batches and limited editions. We source wood, glass, and other materials from local craftspeople who share their commitment to American-made and thoughtfully-sourced raw goods. Our pieces are mountain-modern, bringing a refreshing perspective to a long lineage of craft in North Carolina.

Unique luxury lighting

We’ve developed our own translucent porcelain from years of executing thousands of tests to give the porcelain more translucency and a warm diffusion.

Made with sustainable materials

We use porcelain instead of glass or plastic, which allows us to make forms and surfaces that can’t be achieved in glass. (We don’t think we need to tell you why we don’t use plastic.)

Handcrafted in America

All of our lighting is made in house — we don’t do any overseas production.