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The Bright Angle is passionate about bringing premier porcelain, made from scratch, to homes across the planet. We operate outside the box (and the traditional circle), handcrafting modern, geometric kitchenware and luxury lighting fixtures with advanced precision.

Our team of artists in Asheville, NC go to great lengths to source the finest regional and international material to make each Bright Angle product truly special. Each item is hand dipped in homemade satin matte glazes in TBA signature colors to create a satin matte, yet subdued, durable end result that transforms the porcelain into a kitchen product with everyday use. 

Our design studio draws inspiration from classic homeware trends and minimalist aesthetics. We spend hundreds of hours planning, experimenting and fine-tuning each product in our workshop. The Bright Angle specializes in utilizing the latest cutting-edge crafting techniques. We turn pen and paper sketches into 3D printed models that then create flawless, high end consistent ceramics without using a pottery wheel.


Asked Questions

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How many flowers can I fit in the Sprout Bud Vase?

The Sprout Bud Vase is The Bright Angle’s smallest flower vase. It holds one or two small flowers and adds a delicate touch of beauty to any space – bookshelves, kitchen counters, windowsills and more.

What are the best types of flowers to use in the Sprout Bud Vase?

Whatever flower brings you the most happiness! However, because our Sprout Bud Vase is tiny, it's best to adorn it with a smaller flower with a shorter stem, so it is visually proportional to the size of this item.

How long should the stem be before placing it in the Sprout Bud Vase?

The Sprout Bud Vase is 3.5 inches tall. So your stem must be longer than the height of the vase, but not so tall that it could tip over the holder. If you would like a larger vase, check out our Porcelain Table Vase or our Ceramic Porcelain Table Vase.

What is your return policy?

If you aren’t satisfied with your product, let us know within 30 days of purchase. We’ll refund all your money, no questions asked.

Do you offer free shipping?

We absolutely do! If you live in the USA, we’ll ship it to you for free.

How are the products packaged for shipping?

We aren’t interested in adding to landfills. That’s why all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free. The dyes on our boxes are non-petroleum, and we only use paper that comes from FSC-certified forests.

Paper is one of the most easily recycled materials in North America, and that’s why we package up products in it. It’s simple, really!

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