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Dolan Porcelain Table Lamp Steel Base with Dimmer and USB The Bright Angle
Dolan Porcelain Table Lamp Steel Base with Dimmer and USB The Bright Angle
Dolan Porcelain Table Lamp Steel Base with Dimmer and USB The Bright Angle
Dolan Porcelain Table Lamp Steel Base with Dimmer and USB The Bright Angle

Dolan Porcelain Table Lamp-Steel

    Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair with our Porcelain Table Lamp. Crafted with a vintage porcelain shade, this lamp exudes a timeless charm while embracing a sleek, modern design. Its translucent porcelain casts a soft, warm glow, creating a serene ambiance perfect for any setting. Ideal for lighting up your reading nook or enhancing your dinner parties, this handmade lamp not only illuminates spaces but also elevates them with its luxurious design. Experience the harmonious balance of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, and let your space shine with sophistication and style. With the steel base you not only have a usb connection for your needs but can dim the shade to suit your mood.


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 Dolan – our modernized vintage table lamp – comes with a translucent porcelain shade that exudes a soft warm light and both terracotta and stoneware in ceramic quality. The Dolan Table Lamp fits in your home office or on bedside tables and comes with a light bulb and USB plug to charge your phone or other electronics.

The Bright Angle specializes in handmade ceramics from porcelain that fit perfectly in your favorite spaces and with modern farmhouse decor, surpassing both terracotta and stoneware fired clay in quality. The Dolan Table Lamp is a modern bedside table lamp with a translucent porcelain shade – perfect for lighting up your home office or bedside table. It exudes a warm hue from an Edison light bulb that is soothing to the eye and creates a vintage look in any space. The fluted porcelain, bell-shaped shade on the Dolan Table Lamp will add a sleek, art deco aesthetic to your home decor. The ceramic material in the light shade is finished with a white glaze to create a relaxing glow. Its brass base comes finished in gold and features wireless charging, a dimmer switch, and a usb port – making this lamp a multi-purposeful and functional item for any living space.

Material and Processes – The Dolan Table Lamp is made from all natural porcelain, covered in a satin smooth glaze, that is durable and a joy to hold.

Designed for Daily Use – This bedside lamp with a translucent porcelain lamp shade can be used everyday for years to come. The Edison light bulb that comes included has a 50,000 hour estimated life span.

Easy to Clean – The Dolan Table Lamp is easily cleaned using everyday household product cleaners.

Made by Hand – We use 3D printed models and molds to ensure consistency in design with every ceramic product we create. However, because every item in The Bright Angle showroom is handmade, slight variations may occur from item-to-item, showcasing our commitment to personalized craftsmanship.


    The Bright Angle is dedicated to introducing exquisite porcelain lighting fixtures into a wide range of environments. We challenge conventional design norms, opting for unconventional shapes and crafting each luxury piece with meticulous attention in our Asheville, North Carolina studio. Our artisans meticulously select top-quality materials resulting in the creation of elegant, durable translucent porcelain lighting.

    With over two decades of experience The Bright Angle studio combines modern minimalist aesthetics, artistic expression, and functionality in our porcelain creations. Investing countless hours in the planning, experimentation, and fine-tuning of each product within our workshop. At The Bright Angle, we pride ourselves on employing cutting-edge crafting techniques, translating initial pen and paper sketches into 3D printed models. These models lay the foundation for the flawless, high-end luminescent porcelain designs that distinguish our studio.

    Our unwavering dedication to quality and environmental sustainability drives our passion for reimagining how our lighting contributes to the creation of warmer, more comfortable spaces.


Our lighting will last at least five years, guaranteed


Work with our designs to create your own custom lighting


Feel free to let us know if you have any questions anytime


Our lighting is made from the most pure and refined porcelain




New York

"We love our Bright Angle lights. The porcelain they use has unmatched diffusion that is warm and comforting in our kitchen. We can't wait to install more lighting in our entryway!"



North Carolina

"The Bright Angle was great to work with. Their knowledge of porcelain was inspiring and we look forward to continuing to develop more lghting products with them"



New York

"We used Bright Angle's Abacus light in our office lobby and love the look. The porcelain has such a unique glow and it gets a lot of great comments from guests visiting our office. We are excited to have such a unique peice of art in our lobby!"




"It is really exciting to see our designs come to life in porcelain. We got really good design support as we were working on our chandelier for a client. We can't wait to spec this porcelain lighting for another project."

    What kind of light does this porcelain light fixture have?
    The Dolan Table lamp is compatible with 5 Watt LED lights, and comes with a light bulb, so you can plug it in as soon as it arrives to enjoy in your home office or as a bedside lamp on your bedside table. We provide our customers with Edison light bulbs that produce a warm glow through the light shade that adds to the vintage feel that translucent porcelain creates.
    What type of electrical plug does this light fixture use?
    The Dolan Lamp is compatible with electrical sockets with standard voltages for the United States, Canada and more. Please use an adaptor if you live outside of these areas, and would like to purchase a Dolan Lamp for your home.
    Can I use this lamp in different rooms around the house?
    You can place the Dolan Lamp on desks in your home office, bedside tables, and more to provide a soft but powerful light and home improvement to any space. This lamp is classically and minimalistically designed to transcend trends and withstand the tests of time to be handed down as an heirloom for generations to come.
    What is your return policy?
    If you aren’t satisfied with your product, let us know within 30 days of purchase. We’ll refund all your money, no questions asked.
    How do you clean translucent porcelain fixtures?
    Gently clean the porcelain items with a soft, damp cloth. For other materials included please inquire as it may vary.
    How are the products packaged for shipping?
    We aren’t interested in adding to landfills. That’s why all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free. The dyes on our boxes are non-petroleum, and we only use paper that comes from FSC-certified forests.

    Paper is one of the most easily recycled materials in North America, and that’s why we package up products in it. It’s simple, really!