The Sense Lamp - Illuminate Your Space with Translucent Porcelain

The Sense Lamp - Illuminate Your Space with Translucent Porcelain

This unique, translucent porcelain lamp uses capacitive-sense technology to sense your electromagnetic field and turn on and off when you hover your hand near the lower part of the shade. Now available for purchase in The Bright Angle Shop.

We’ve all been there: imagine you are dozing off next to a softly lit bedside lamp. Right as your eyes are getting heavy, you lean over to turn it off and are jostled awake as you fumble for the switch. So much for drifting off to sleep! With The Sense Lamp you can simply reach out and hover your hand around the porcelain shade. Click. Off. Sweet dreams. No eye opening necessary. No more searching for the switch.

Introducing The Sense Lamp: a collaboration between designers Nick Moen, Shannon Tovey, and Avi Silverman. Made to appeal to your senses, fitting into the natural flow of your space, each lamp was designed and produced at The Bright Angle in Asheville, NC.

That’s all fine and good, but how the heck does it work? We wish we could say it’s magic, but in fact it’s the next-best thing: science! Every one of us is made up of seven billion billion billion atoms (yes that’s a real number) each being a dense ball of electrical charges. Our bodies work by firing electrical charges from head to toe with a magnetic field that holds it all together. We can’t see this field, but it can be sensed - and we have created a lamp that can sense your auric or bio field and respond to that.

Check out this video to see it in action!

So the human electromagnetic field is a very mysterious thing - it can be influenced by things like humidity and temperature. Each lamp will behave differently in depending on its environment or who is using it. Life, being in a constant state of change, is full of immeasurables such as this. In order to account for these immeasurables, we installed a sensitivity switch so you can adjust the lamps sensitivity to changing conditions and energy. You can even turn the sensitivity off in case your curious cat keeps playing with it, or if a ghost comes floating by (you know, the usual disruptions).

When you lift the shade off the base you can access the switch and the printed circuit board that hosts all of the technology to sense your energy. You can also access the bulb if it needs to be replaced, although we included a bright LED bulb that is rated to last 30,000 Hours or 1,250 days being on 24 hours/day. One very important thing to note is that the lamp runs on 12V which means, (1) You definitely can’t shock yourself, and (2) It uses a special type of bulb that may be harder to find, but we are happy to send you!

We are thrilled to share this with you, because we truly believe it can be a comforting and interesting addition to your home. Add beauty, warmth, and a little tech to your life with The Sense Lamp.

And if you're curious to learn more about the human electromagnetic field, this video offers a stellar representation of how it works:

Magnetic Movie from Semiconductor on Vimeo.


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