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Cotton Candy - Limited Edition - Pinch Jar

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Introducing the Cotton Candy colorway. These two-tone creations are shaking things up here at The Bright Angle! We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the perfect shade of pink pigmented porcelain to layer under our crystalline Sky Blue glaze to create a whole new effect. This one of a kind pinch jar is the best gift idea for the foodie.  

We sat down with our Materials Scientist Allison Cochran last week to learn more about pigmented porcelain, read more on the blog.

The Pinch Jar holds your salt, sugar and spice, scoop it, and disperse it - a special collaboration with Nick Moen and Shannon Tovey.  This Pinch Jar is handmade pottery that will add contemporary design to your home and kitchen.   It can be a salt cellar, sugar jar, or spice jar.  Cooking with handmade ceramics will elevate your dining experience.  You can add the Pinch Jar and spoon to get just the right about of zest with your designer dinnerware.  The Pinch Jar is a great wedding gift for the couple who loves to cook.

Product Dimensions

The Pinch Jar is 3" x 2.5" x 2" and the Pinch Spoon is 4" x 1" x .5"

The Pinch Jar is microwave and dishwasher safe.



Our products are designed with the intention of heavy everyday use. Each product is food safe and water resistant. Each piece of handmade pottery is meant to be used and loved every day as well as being a piece of art for display.

The handmade pottery may be put in the dishwasher, oven, and microwave. However, pottery is breakable and should be protected from obvious shocks like dropping it and from sudden changes in temperature. Uneven heating can cause it to crack. With proper care, it should last until you want something new. Some products will get scratched over time with lots of love and use. Many collectors treasure their pottery and are back for a new set of dishes with no complaint, because they don’t want to use anything else.

All glass, wood and metal components are hand wash only and should never be microwaved.

About Us


 The Bright Angle is working to bridge the gap between design and craft by focusing on home goods that are American Made. We begin our creative process by sketching or sculpting prototypes. In order to ensure that we are able to see the smartest design come to fruition, we transfer the sketch to a computer aided modeling system. We use 3D prototyping and mold/jig systems to create efficient production systems that are executed by a highly skilled team of makers. Once we have a model we are satisfied with, we scale it up to account for the shrinkage of the porcelain. Next, we pour plaster around the model to create a mold. This mold is filled with liquid porcelain to recreate the object. We refine the porcelain object using hand tools and cover the object in our soft satin glaze and fire it in a kiln to 2200F. Once it is fired we sand the bottoms smooth. We make everything from scratch by formulating our own porcelain and glazes to be durable and unique. The Bright Angle sources our wood, glass, and other material components in collaborations with local craftspeople that share our commitment to American-made and thoughtfully sourced raw goods. We believe that good design is a marriage of concept, process, material and utility.


The Bright Angle sources our wood, glass, and other material components in collaborations with local craftspeople that share our commitment to American-made and thoughtfully sourced raw goods.  We believe that good design is a marriage of concept, process, material and utility.

 The porcelain is the highest quality mixture of raw materials creating the most durable and structurally sound ceramic material - made in house.  The porcelain is made from the highest quality white clay (kaolin), glass (flint or silica), and glass melter (feldspar).  We fire our porcelain to cone 6.  We take pride in the purity of our materials.

 We use the strongest and most consistent we we can for our design applications.  We source our leather and glass from like-minded makers in the Asheville, North Carolina region.

The Bright Angle

 The Bright Angle believes in making art for the home producing the best gift ideas for wedding gifts, holiday gifts and other special gift giving occasions.  Working closely with the Asheville NC art scene we provide handmade gifts working with technology such as 3D printer designs and laser cutter designs to form our prototypes.  Our focus is on bringing collaborative contemporary design to the forefront of studio pottery and studio art.

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Glaze Colorways

We offer most products in a variety of different  glaze colors and finishes.  We have a satin matte collection comprised of Smoke Grey, Noon Blue, Sundog Pink, Silk White and Mica Black.  Each of these glazes will be matt, soft and fairly flat - although there is also variation especially with Ink.  The other glazes have more gloss in them but also small micro zinc silicate crystals that grow in the glass.  These include: Mineral, Patina, Sky, Watermelon and Honey.  Each of these glazes also vary.  We love the exciting differences in the glaze!