Limited Edition - Cotton Candy

These two-tone creations are shaking things up here at The Bright Angle. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the perfect shade of pink to layer under our crystalline Sky Blue glaze to create a whole new effect. This limited edition collection is sure to bring some extra sweetness to your life. 

We sat down with our Materials Scientist Allison Cochran to learn more about pigmented porcelain, read more on the blog.

Porcelain is a combination of glass, white clay, and something to make those two materials melt together, called “flux”. We work with porcelain because it is an incredibly refined combination of raw materials. A sound porcelain recipe warrants a high value for its purity and strength. To bring it a step further, we have begun adding pigment to our porcelain recipe to introduce new possibilities to our color palette here at The Bright Angle.

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