Limited Edition - Bill Jones - Duotone Wild Pots

"I am a student of gesture. Marks made in haste, structures quickly erected, abstraction out of necessity. A quick sketch on a cocktail napkin. A drawing on the wall of your cave. The marks I make and the forms I construct embody this way of working. There are many attempts and many losses, yet risk imbues each piece with a kinetic, anxious energy.
These things function and are meant for daily, rigorous use."

Bill Jones was with us for one month and he wanted to explore his gestural drawings on slipcast forms, learn how to use the laser cutter and make a large form that he could not make on the wheel. During that time he made a series of beautiful cups, vases and jars - each one is unique. 

Our Design Residency program was established to give emerging designers an opportunity to expand and refine their practice in a production setting. With each designer we discuss their goals for the residency - what they would like to learn, how we can best support them, and what they would like to make.


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