The Solo Pourover

The Solo Pourover

Even though we love our Savant Pourover, we wanted to make something more compact. We were envisioning something simple and sleek that could go anywhere. To us, coffee matters and so does the process of how we make it. Designed for no mess, no stress and a minimal foot print, we came up with The Solo Pourover. 

We designed The Solo Pour Over to be the pour over coffee maker that makes a perfect cup of coffee. The Solo Pour Over comes with a porcelain cone to hole #4 coffee filters, a laser cut acrylic stand to hold the pour over, The Monday Mug, a Drip Tray, and a Coffee Sock reusable coffee filter. We dimensioned the stand to fit our Monday Mug but it also fits any mug that is 3” - 3.75” at the top. From there all you need is your coffee scoop, your favorite coffee, and some hot water. Take a look on Indiegogo to see for yourself.

How we made it

We began designing The Solo Pour Over by measuring the size of a #4 cone coffee filter. The porcelain cone holds 12 oz of water to make one cup of coffee. The cone has the perfect sized hole in the bottom to let the water slowly infuse with the coffee grounds and drip into a mug at a pace that makes a strong cup of coffee. 

The porcelain cone was designed on the 3D modeling program Rhino. We used a 3D printer to print the first cone model out of biodegradable plastic. The model had to be scaled up 13% so that it would be the perfect size when it was made into porcelain because the porcelain shrinks during the different stages of firing.

We made our first mockup of the pourover stand out of cardboard to rough out the design and dimensions. Using the 3D model of the pourover we were able to design a holder on the computer that fit the cone perfectly. By adding these dimensions from the 3D model and structure from the cardboard mockup to the computer model we were able to set up laser cut paths to see the first stand come to fruition. We laser cut one many samples out of plywood on the laser cutter until we had all of the design elements in place.

The stand features 5 parts that all lock together. The top part holds the porcelain cone in place and rests just below the hip of the cone. The bottom piece was dimensioned to rest on the top of the mug and has a wide enough hole to allow the coffee to drip through. The legs were designed to fit into the the two circular shapes. The top of the legs fit through and lock in the porcelain cone. The bottom legs rest on the outside of the Monday Mug to lock it in in place so it doesn’t slide off. We extended the legs so that when the Solo Pour Over is removed from the coffee mug it can be set onto the table and our small drip tray can slide under to catch the last drips.

We chose to make our final pourover from acrylic for a sleek modern feel and maximum durability. An added feature of the acrylic is that it is translucent and when it is in use the steam fogs up the surface.

The Bright Angle Solo Coffee Pourover in Indiegogo

Why we are running an Indiegogo

To our team of designers at The Bright Angle, the ritual of making the ideal cup is often a solo venture, if not a meditative process and sometimes needs to happen on the fly.

With this in mind we merged technology with high end handmade production processes to create our Solo Pour Over Set. This set is designed for minimalist aesthetics with an amazingly comfortable touch and intuitive function for making the perfect individual cup of coffee.

This matters to us because as practitioners of simple living, we find value and satisfaction in knowing where our things comes from and how they are made. We believe in combating throw away culture and buying small batched goods, made by hard working craftspeople and only using what we need. By ordering your Solo Pour Over Set you will be helping to fund the production of this unique take on pour over brewing tools while joining the movement of people around the world who are actively simplifying their lives and building the economy of small run products with high integrity. 

The Solo Pourover from The Bright Angle

How to Brew

Start your coffee experience with your favorite beans from your local coffee roaster - we use Penny Cup. Grind your beans to somewhere between a fine and medium coarseness.

Before you brew, place your filter in the brewer and rinse it with hot water. This rinses out the paper residue, seals your filter and warms up your brewer. Warming everything up keeps the brewing temperature stable.

We make all the tools to make the perfect cup of coffee from start to finish. To add to your Solo Pour Over set we have a glass coffee jar with a wooden lid with a gasket to keep your beans fresh. We also have a handmade porcelain coffee scoop that allows for two scoops of full beans to be ground down to one cup of 12 oz coffee.

Add the ground coffee, level the bed and make a small divot in the middle. Heat the water to 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour the water into the small divot, pour just enough water to wet all of the coffee, then rest for 30 seconds. Continue pouring slowly, starting in the middle and moving in and out in concentric circles until the desired volume is reached. Keep the flowing water about 1⁄4" away from the exposed walls of the dripper at all times and try to maintain a constant volume throughout the brewing process. The water with infuse with the ground beans and slowly drip into your mug to make a strong cup of coffee.

Remove the Solo Pour Over from the cup and set it over the drip tray to catch the last drips of coffee. If you are really frugal you can even pour those last drips into you hot mug of coffee.

After you have made a few cups you will have a good sense of how you like your coffee and you can alter these directions to taste.

Want to learn more?

In this video Nick explains why and how we made The Solo Pourover. Find more information and purchase your Solo Pourover on Indiegogo

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