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Problems + Solutions

I have to be honest and say that The Bright Angle was not a concept I could come up with independently.  It involved many conversations with many studio artists and friends.  The list is too long to name, but they are artists that I intend to work with in the near future.  I am very excited to have a platform to share the ideas of a spectrum of studio artists.  But first I needed a studio of my own.

The idea of this facility is to provide an avenue for these potters to have a place to reproduce studio pots to enter the design marketplace. Ideally, we will be able to turn millennials on to these accessible products and turn them on to support that individual potter. Understanding the human experience through items is something I as a maker is lucky to understand but most do not. I think that there is a growing market for wanting a story instead of a deal.

It’s easy to disconnect with the world right now, to tune out and escape. When you have handmade objects they really demand you to feel and engage. To have keepsakes and items that are really special to you. Everything could be made in high quality in factories, but local ecosystems are the most powerful and sustainable social structures. That is because people are specialists, they are passionate about the work they’re doing. Rather than working to pay the bills/retire, they are working to provide a valuable skill. Henry Crissman said, “I’m not making mugs because there are a world shortage of mugs”, I’m making mugs because I’m curious about the solution to the problem of containing liquid and I want to solve it myself. I’m interested in sharing with friends. I’m interested in the reminder that not everything has been solved. Staying engaged in your lifestyle and what you do.

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