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On Moving

On Moving

Moving is hard. It’s frustrating, difficult, and is said to be the third most stressful event that any person will go through in their life.

It is easier when you are moving objects that are meaningful. Most objects that do not have some sort of sentiment attachment to them probably are purged (or considered to be purged) during the process of moving.  You will pull out things that may not have the best memories and shed them. You have the ability to accept where you are, and by packing up and moving you are able to choose where to go and what you will take with you.

The sweetest part of moving for me is to relive moments of my life through the objects that I choose to move with me. I do not see my assemblage of material goods as baggage, but rather as puzzle pieces of a story. These pieces, my belongings, come together to make who I am. Not to say that you are what you own, but the objects that I choose for myself reflect my intentions and choices.

Your objects are a manifestation of your individual personality with your own voice and habits. You purchase a handmade ceramic water bottle with the aim of drinking water with intention, or a wrought iron coat rack with the intention to keep your home neater. When moving, you have the opportunity to revisit these intentions you had when purchasing these items, and you try to bring your good habits with you. You also have the opportunity to reinvest your time into an object that you once adored or had plans for.

Unpacking takes the most time, taking the time to figure out how you want your new space to be and feel. I see my life in segments or chapters, so I don’t see it as a fresh start but I see it as a new chapter. An opportunity to reset, reorganize.


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